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Welcome to SPL College Bowl Pick'em!

Object of the Contest: Contest is cancelled for 2020-21.

The player that makes the most correct picks wins in the contest. All that matters is which team wins the game in order to be a correct pick. Entry is free, but one entry per person please. Limit of 1 player per email address.

Go here to enter: College Bowl Pick'em Sign-up. Players should make (tentative) picks for all games after sign-up. Entries that do not make picks (at least 30 games) before the start of the first bowl game will be deleted. Sign-up ends at the start of the first bowl game. After the first bowl game starts, no late sign-up is allowed.

Sign-up instructions: 1) *First name, 2) *Last name, 3) E-mail address, 4) Confirm e-mail address, 5) Password hint, 6) Desired player screen name, 7) Confirm official rules, 8) Enter captcha code. *Although you are required to add your first and last name to register, you can add any fictitious name if you want (*we don't need your real name).

Prizes: The player that finishes first (including final game score tie-breaker) is eligible to win a T-shirt. T-shirt will be mailed to address within the United States and Canada only. T-shirt winner must email us to collect the prize within two weeks of contest completion.

One Picksheet Limit: One entry per person and limit of one player per email address. Submitting multiple picksheets using multiple Login IDs is not allowed and may result in all of your picksheets being disqualified.

No objectionable names: We reserve the right to delete objectionable or inflammatory screen names. No screen names involving politics or religion please. Please report objectionable screen names to Offending players entries will be deleted without notice to the player.

Special Circumstances: Due to the nature of the internet, the contest website may not be available at all times. It may be especially difficult to connect to the website as the contest deadline nears due to high traffic volume. Therefore, you are encouraged to complete your picksheet as early as possible (remember, you can modify the picksheet as many times as you want before contest deadline). Neither the website administrator nor the sponsor is responsible for website malfunction.

SPL privacy policy is here. Supplemental rules are here. The SPL is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by the NCAA.